Chris and Katherine’s engagement session . . . it’s been a long time coming

I have had the pleasure of knowing Chris for 9 years now. He is pretty much family to us. I was elated when he asked me (to HD video and shoot) and our mutual buddy J Ford to photograph him proposing to Katherine in September ’09.  The whole set up was very secret service like.  The goal was to document the entire process and never let Katherine see or know anything of our being there.  Everything went so well that not even Chris could find me or Jonathan even though he knew where we were going to be (Chris and I had staked out my location the day before).

I photographed their engagement session at the end of this past December.


A still from my video and my perspective.


JFord’s image from his vantage point









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February 15, 2010 - 4:07 pm

Chris Reigelman - Thanks Kev for putting this up. We had a blast! You truly are an incredible photographer and an even better friend. Thanks!

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